2016 marked the fourth consecutive year of significant employment growth in the Denver metro area and positive employment growth is anticipated in all sectors during 2017. As a result, unemployment in Denver/Boulder has reached a new post-recession low yet positive in-migration and population growth that is well above the national average continues to bolster the well-educated workforce supporting tech, aerospace and engineering industries. While the overall US energy sector has seen a retraction, Colorado’s energy industry is one of the most diverse in the nation and is a contributing factor in the stable economy. The Denver Metro is the fourth most concentrated in the U.S. for clean-energy jobs, according to research this is an industry that is expected to continue to grow as utility providers set goals to increase sourcing of renewable energy.

Growth in all industry sectors, but particularly the technology sector, has been driven by the area’s educated workforce, relative affordability (especially as compared to Northern California and the Pacific North West), strong demographic trends, established and readily accessible transportation infrastructure, a world-class university system and a dynamic live-work urban core. Overall, Colorado is ranked #2 by Forbes for Economic Climate and #3 for Growth Prospects.

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