MEQ focuses on key Markets across the Western United States, where the team has both substantial expertise and long-term relationships with key tenants, brokers, vendors and suppliers.

These Markets represent some of the strongest growth Markets in the United States, with significant job growth, intellectual capital, expansion in STEM industries (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), and significant population growth—both historical and forecast. In addition, these Markets have experienced substantial industry diversification during the last recovery due to favorable demographics, access to strong labor pools, and relative affordability, compared to Markets such as San Francisco, the Silicon Valley and Seattle.

While broad-based Market dynamics such as location, supply & demand and asset quality still represent significant influence in any real estate transaction, MEQ’s diverse investment strategy optimizes and capitalizes on the opportunities represented at the micro-Market level. These strategies may include in-fill development, asset repositions and pure-play or mixed-use investments.

In addition, MEQ continues to monitor and evaluate urban and urban-adjacent environments in other Western U.S. markets where we can replicate and expand upon our current success.

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